Spice and Eazy
Curry in a Hurry

Helen Al Amily 5 starVery good service and the curries are divine with no nasty additives.

Claire 'Trowel' LaCombe 5 starAwesome! Great for us at slimming world. very low or no syns

Danielle Clarke
Fantastic curries! Quality and taste are amazing and customer service is second to none! Keep up the good work!

Eddie Dakin
Just had the beast. I think the limit for taste but went down well. I loved it. Bring on the undertaker :-)

Martin Brentnall
These curries are amazing! Not only do they taste great and are easy to make for someone like me who can barely cook, but they save me money on Indian takeaways too, especially since I like the challenge and euphoria that comes with extremely hot curries that the typical supermarket curry brands fail to provide.
I've so far tried the Balti, Hot Madras, The Beast and The Undertaker. The latter was easily the hottest curry I've ever had and a bit beyond me, whilst The Beast is pushing my limits. The Hot Madras is my favourite for flavour so far. I've also still got some Vindaloos and Spice Delight to try.

Stacey Marie Hurst
Bought the tikka massala pack from stall on Loughborough market, my husband said its the best tikka hes ever had :) Would recommend to anyone, and always friendly x

Aimee Stanton
The curries are so yummy and so easy to do wont be going bk to jars or take aways!!! brill value for money and alot healthier will be using lots more :) would highly recommend to all something for all from mild to extra extra hot :).xx

Liz Gill
We have been having these curries now for 6 months and we haven't had a bad one yet, we love every single one we order, the nan bread are simply the best we have ever eaten. I can't recommend Spice and Eazy highly enough.

Peter Boyall
I've tried quite a few of the spice kits as well as buying naan breads. The kits are so easy and the naans always fresh, usually that day. We are having a Thai red curry tomorrow and are looking forward to it and the start of the weekend.

Tonight (Friday) we had the Thai red. Sat out in the garden with a bottle of Singha. Perfect start to the weekend. What a fabulous curry.

Naomi Martin
These are just so good, we've tried just about every medium hot packet and they're a'll soooo yummy. The easyness is completely the seller i dont know why we ever bothered with jars!

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